6 Hacks For The Pet Hair Removal From The Carpet

If you have pets at home then there would be some stains and issues with the carpets and hence you may need local carpet cleaners Mount Waverley to help you. If you are worried about pet hairs getting on the carpet and if you wish to remove the hair, which would otherwise work as allergens, follow these 6 hacks as given here:

You can make your hands wet and then attract the pet hair from the carpet

If you want to get rid of pet hair from the carpets then you can make your hands wet and then move it on the carpets. This will attract all the hair particles. If you find this hack a bit unhygienic then you should wear hand gloves and follow this technique. Rubber hand gloves are going to be helpful for you while performing this act.

Use a balloon to attract hair

It is a known fact that the blown balloon tends to attract soft and fine things like hair. You should move the balloon around the carpets and then most of the pet hair will be removed like this.

Buy a squeegee brush and use it on the carpet

This one hack is also going to attract many hair particles. If you are worried that the pet hair on the carpets would work as allergens and would create health issues for you then you must use the squeegee brush and try to remove the pet hair from the carpets.

Pumice stone also works well

You must rub the pumice stone across the carpet. This will ensure the removal of pet hair quickly.

Use Velcro to pick up pet hair

It is quite common for pets to shed their hair and most of the time they would get onto the carpets. You must use Velcro to pick the pet hair up so that there would be better solutions.

Use the gloves, especially with textures on the rubber material

You can buy rubber gloves that would have textures on the material. This will prove to be a useful thing for sure. When you use this gently all over the carpets, you can remove the pet hair easily.

Handling the best method of cleaning carpets will indeed make your task super easy. But what matters the most is you should have some handy hacks which will help you quickly get rid of pet hair from the carpets.


There are many more hacks as lint rollers and carpet rakes that you can use. You can try the above-mentioned hacks and if they do not work, you can try the others. Make sure that you know what would be the best thing to do. Times have changed and you should be pretty fast to clean the carpets.

If not, there would be allergens that can create health-related issues. The pet hair would create allergic reactions in the body. Any item that has friction ability or a bit of rough surface can attract and remove the fine hair particles of the pets. Therefore, book our best carpet cleaning services by calling us on 0340 507 972.